Friday, 24 June 2011

S u m m e r / E s t a t e / V e r a n o / É t é

1) Out by the lake at le Jardin Anglais
2) Random legs that happen to be mine
3) Random tree still by the lake
4) Sipping a home made cocktail at home (nice belly I know)
5) Pulling a face with my new sunnies... okay that's ugly (still the belly, I'm not the sporty type you see) 
6) The cat chillin on the balcony

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hometown Glory

Don't know if you remember but about two months ago I uploaded a youtube video of a cover I did, but then removed it cause I wasn't satisfied at all haha. Well I did a new one today, and uploaded it. So here it is, feel free to like (or dislike), comment, subscribe, whatever you like. ;)

Miami Horror


I Look To You

I just love Miami Horror, and I think their music videos are amazingly shot. The images are so beautiful, just thought I'd share my two favourites :) Although the first song is not my favourite, I fell for the video. I Look To You is however definitely one of my favourites, probably even my favourite of Miami Horror.

Friday, 13 May 2011

L'été approche

Knitted chained waistcoat - Topshop / Patterned top, skirt & heels - H&M 

Cotton blazer - Flea market for free / Zebra dress - Valleygirl / Braided belt & heels - H&M

Suede-like crop top, shorts & braided belt - H&M / Shoes - Alcott / Peruvian bracelet - Sportsgirl / Necklace - DIY / Clubmasters - Ray Ban

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Forget the horror here, leave it all down here.

Hey, hey.
So I've been uploading quite a lot of looks on Lookbook lately haha, including these two followings. 
I'll be on holidays on tuesday! Well tuesday is my last day of school. I can't wait! But then comes the hardest part of the school year.. right before the exams, that are right before summer. Ugh. By the way I can tell you a bit about my summer! :) It is going to be epic. After the exams I might be going to Belgium for a few days with my best friend (her aunt lives there in a mansion or something.. haha), then I'm probably going on a bike trip around the Lake of Geneva with friends, camping at night, etc. Then I'm going to London for 8 days in July, remember, to do a short course at CSM and to go to the Lovebox festival ( * ). Then when I get back, I've only got one day to recover cause then I'm going to the Paleo festival for 6 days! Camping at night as well ;) Aaand then for the first week of August I'm going to Spain with 4 friends, and then I've got three weeks of travelling - I don't know where yet - with my parents :) I caaaan't waaaaait !! 

Anyway, here are two pictures of two of my latest looks. You can hype them as well huh.. ;)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hello there! 
First of all, I'm deeply sorry for not having posted anything up since... well a bit more than a month. Nothing really interesting happened since then, so there were no pictures for me to put up haha. Well that's not true at all. I went on a school trip to Florence in Italy from 28.03 to 1.04, which was really cool and relaxing, as always when I go to Italy. I absolutely love this country :) But other than that, I just took some pictures in my bedroom today, and they came out looking decent, because I think I may have had the perfect lighting. So here are some pictures of my trip to Florence and a few pictures I took today! Oh and that first one is a photo my best friend took a few days before I went to Italy. I'm proud of her abilities with cameras haha ;)

 At the top of a Museum in Florence.
 The view of the city from the Boboli Gardens
The view of the Gardens. 
A view of the city from a hill.
My hand haha.

And if you want to be nice to me, if you haven't already done it, hype me on Lookbook :-)

Monday, 14 March 2011


Hey, hey.
So, I celebrated my 17th birthday last wednesday (9th of march), woot woot! Haha. So I got this very awesome lens for my camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, which shoots amazing pictures. Need I tell you I used it right away? Haha. 

Shot with the new lens :-) croissants, pains au chocolat... : yummy hehe.
Then I went to the flea market with these two girls, Katrina (again, yes) and her best friend Cynthia :-)
And then I met up with my best friend Sara who gave me these lovely flowers and a pack of 12 macaroons from Ladurée.