Friday, 13 May 2011

L'été approche

Knitted chained waistcoat - Topshop / Patterned top, skirt & heels - H&M 

Cotton blazer - Flea market for free / Zebra dress - Valleygirl / Braided belt & heels - H&M

Suede-like crop top, shorts & braided belt - H&M / Shoes - Alcott / Peruvian bracelet - Sportsgirl / Necklace - DIY / Clubmasters - Ray Ban


  1. Seriously, you got your blue blazer for free ? Did you negiciate it or was it free from the beginning ? Lucky girl, this blazer is really beautiful, stunning color !

  2. haha yep I got it for free :) I was with my friend, and I didn't have enough money for it, as I told the guy who sold it, and when we were about to leave he asked my friend if I was really broke, she said yes and he threw it at me hahaha :) and yep it's beautiful! though I don't know what material it is, I wrote cotton cause it's not the usual blazer material but there might be some wool in it. now that it's almost summer here I can't wear it that much during the day, otherwise I'm just burning..

  3. Haha, well you have a great color blazer for Autumn and next Winter :)