Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hometown Glory

Don't know if you remember but about two months ago I uploaded a youtube video of a cover I did, but then removed it cause I wasn't satisfied at all haha. Well I did a new one today, and uploaded it. So here it is, feel free to like (or dislike), comment, subscribe, whatever you like. ;)

Miami Horror


I Look To You

I just love Miami Horror, and I think their music videos are amazingly shot. The images are so beautiful, just thought I'd share my two favourites :) Although the first song is not my favourite, I fell for the video. I Look To You is however definitely one of my favourites, probably even my favourite of Miami Horror.

Friday, 13 May 2011

L'été approche

Knitted chained waistcoat - Topshop / Patterned top, skirt & heels - H&M 

Cotton blazer - Flea market for free / Zebra dress - Valleygirl / Braided belt & heels - H&M

Suede-like crop top, shorts & braided belt - H&M / Shoes - Alcott / Peruvian bracelet - Sportsgirl / Necklace - DIY / Clubmasters - Ray Ban