Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hello there! 
First of all, I'm deeply sorry for not having posted anything up since... well a bit more than a month. Nothing really interesting happened since then, so there were no pictures for me to put up haha. Well that's not true at all. I went on a school trip to Florence in Italy from 28.03 to 1.04, which was really cool and relaxing, as always when I go to Italy. I absolutely love this country :) But other than that, I just took some pictures in my bedroom today, and they came out looking decent, because I think I may have had the perfect lighting. So here are some pictures of my trip to Florence and a few pictures I took today! Oh and that first one is a photo my best friend took a few days before I went to Italy. I'm proud of her abilities with cameras haha ;)

 At the top of a Museum in Florence.
 The view of the city from the Boboli Gardens
The view of the Gardens. 
A view of the city from a hill.
My hand haha.

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